McIntosh County Real Estate Attorney

In most real estate transactions, a great deal of money – and your home – is at stake. It is essential to ensure that these matters are handled correctly the first time. At James B. Smith, Attorney at Law, we can represent you through every stage of your real estate transaction – from the initial offer to the eventual closing. We are located in Townsend, which is near Darien, the county seat of McIntosh County.

We offer a complete range of commercial and residential real estate services such as:

  • Closings and refinancing for buy-sell transactions
  • Drafting contracts and operational documents for homeowners associations and property owners associations
  • Litigation, including land line disputes, easements and nuisance claims
  • Reviewing documents and contracts to ensure that they protect our clients' interests and set them up for success
  • Writing title insurance policies

When conducting a real estate transaction or starting up a development, it is absolutely critical to ensure that the necessary documents are in place. Failure to address even a single term in some real estate contracts can lead to them being thrown out entirely, leaving both parties unprotected and vulnerable.

Our founder, attorney James B. Smith, has extensive experience handling real estate matters and can guide you through the complex web of state and municipal regulations governing commercial and residential transactions.

Contact A Lawyer Resolving Boundary Disputes And Other Real Estate Matters

At James B. Smith, Attorney at Law, clients come first. We take pride in offering a high level of personal service to everyone who walks through our doors.

We would love to hear more about your case and show you how we can help. To learn more, please contact us in McIntosh County, Georgia, at 912-832-2395 to schedule an initial consultation.