Defenses For Drug Possession Charges

With medical marijuana now legal in Georgia, many people assume that possession of a small amount of marijuana is no longer a serious crime. Unfortunately, our medical marijuana law is limited in scope. Even if you obtained marijuana legally in another state, possessing it in Georgia is a crime.

At James B. Smith, Attorney at Law, we defend people in McIntosh County and throughout southeast Georgia who are accused of possessing marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs. We also represent people accused of possessing prescription drugs without a prescription. If you've been arrested for possessing a controlled substance in Georgia, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. We are located in Townsend, which is near Darien, the county seat of McIntosh County.

Keeping Your Criminal Record As Clear As Possible

While possession of a small amount of marijuana is now a misdemeanor, a conviction will still result in a permanent criminal record. That record could come back to haunt you when you apply for a job, a professional license, or do anything else that requires a criminal background check. Possession of cocaine, heroin or a prescription drug without a prescription is a felony that could result in a lengthy prison sentence, loss of your civil rights and other consequences.

If this is your first drug offense, we may be able to avoid a criminal conviction (and the resulting criminal record) by exploring alternative sentencing options. You may be required to participate in a drug treatment program and perform community service. However, no one would want a criminal record if they could avoid it.

If alternative sentencing options are not available, you may have a defense based on how police conducted the drug search and seizure. For example, if police did not have a legal right to stop you, all evidence gathered after the stop may be suppressed.

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